Inspired by Christie…

I can’t remember when I read my first Agatha Christie but I was not much older than twelve or thirteen, maybe even younger. I was immediately hooked…

Boarding School Stories

‘The Lying Game’ tells the story of four women, now in their thirties, but held together by a terrible mistake they made back when they were at boarding school together.
I’m often asked whether I went to boarding school myself, and whether the setting is based on my own school days…

Hen Nights

In a world where romance is always put above platonic love, a hen night is actually a lovely celebration to have…

Ships & the Sea

One of my earliest memories – I’m still not completely certain if it’s a real memory, or a sort of composite of truth and nightmare – is of ships and the sea…

Hal’s Cornwall

‘The Death of Mrs Westaway’ opens in Brighton, but the action quickly moves along the south coast to an imaginary village called St Piran, in Cornwall.

Hal’s Brighton

‘The Death of Mrs Westaway’ is partly set in Brighton, near where I grew up. Here is my guide to Hal’s Brighton.


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